What is Diversity and Inclusion?


Diversity is difference- the quantifiable visible differences and the invisible human characteristics that demographics cannot track. It is any dimension of identity that can be used to differentiate groups of people from one another. Every living creature is diverse.

Inclusion is the notion that all cultures have perspectives, experiences and lifestyles that are rich, valuable and deserving of respect and consideration.  Inclusion is the state of being valued, respected and supported. Inclusive institutions have communities that recognize, involve and empower because of the inherent worth and dignity of all.

When partnered together, Diversity and Inclusion are powerful drivers of innovation.



It’s Hairspray


I hope you got your tickets early. Parish Arts sold out the show within 10 minutes! Student Diversity Leadership Council members join an amazing cast of talented students in Hairspray, a play about the integration of a 1960’s TV show.

Black History Month Is Here

In 1926 Harvard educated historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson organized the first annual week devoted to recognizing the historical contributions of African-Americans. The week expanded, and since 1976, American presidents have designated February as Black History Month, a catalyst to spark interest in and awareness of these contributions throughout the year. Parish’s second annual Black History Month Speaker Series is themed Leaders Among Us. We will have weekly guest speakers and daily Black History facts during chapel throughout the month. Below is a list of speakers:



Feb. 7

  • Judge Monica Purdy, Associate Judge for the State Civil District Courts located in Dallas County (US Chapel)
  • Markus Christie, class of 2021 (LS and MS  Chapel)

Feb. 12

  • Charlie Brown, Parish Grandparent and Indiana State Representative  (MS and US Chapel)

Feb. 21

  • Chloe Murphy, class of 2021 (LS and MS Chapel)
  • Gospel duo (US Chapel)

Feb 28

  • Shonn Brown, Parish parent; Civic leader; Partner and Trial lawyer at Lynn Pinker Cox and Hurst law firm (MS and US Chapel)

6 Parish Upper School Students travel to Anaheim, California

The National Association of Independent Schools hosted its annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference and People of Color Conference in Anaheim, California on November 30th – December 2nd. Its theme was “Making Our Voices Matter: Leading The March To Common Ground.”  The conference focuses on self-reflection, ally-ship, and building community, according to NAIS.

POCC 2017 group

Six Parish students and five parish educators traveled to Anaheim to take advantage of keynote speeches from prominent American authors, researchers, and organizers. Similar to the student experience, adult attendees were also able to take advantage of educational workshops and opportunities to network with individuals from around the country.

T Coats at POCC 2017

We got to hear NAIS Vice-President for Equity and Justice, Caroline Blackwell and Ta-Nehisi Coats, pictured above, engage in a Q&A. The two spoke about American identity, independent schools and the gift of wondering.

Roscoes Chicken and Waffles

Of course we couldn’t spend time in California without visiting the famous Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. How was it, you ask?  Just look at all of the smiling faces!

Student Diversity Leadership Council Pinning Ceremony

Thirteen new Upper School students were inducted into the Student Diversity Leadership Council on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. The annual ceremony featured a celebration of youth activism, highlighting the work of three organizations for young people of impact.

Rosana Guernica, and many other students at Carnegie Mellon University, delivered 16,000 lbs of supplies and helped to evacuate about 60 people in Puerto Rico in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Through this project, run entirely by students, hundreds of people affected by the natural disaster have been helped.

Charlene Carruthers is the national director of the Black Youth Project, a member-led organization of 18-35 year olds dedicated to fighting for justice, equality, and freedom for all people. Through educational think pieces, speeches and presentations given by members, and other forms of hands on activism, the organization has made a mark on thousands of people nationwide.  

Grassroots Leadership is a nationally recognized civil and human rights organization based in Austin, Texas. Historically, the organization has been dedicated to a resource and training center for civil rights organizations building throughout the southern United States. Currently, Grassroots Leadership, in addition to guiding other organizations, funds research and promotes public education throughout Texas. Their most recent project has been helping to build a more effective and efficient prison system to return focus to rehabilitation of prisoners.

New members of the Parish Episcopal School Student Diversity Leadership Council are Ashley Awad, Kara Eisenstat, Yorgin Flores, Melany Gonzalez, Audra Grays, Alana Grissom, Sophie Kate Guillory, Logan Krohn, Yousuf Nadir, Sahair Patel, Natalie Pham, Robert Roseman, Mia Shroyer, Viv Verges, Muaz Wahid, and Rafay Wahid.

The Girl Child Project

Today, Parish 4th graders learned about children living in Uganda. This opportunity evolved from a partnership with a Parish alum who is stationed in Uganda with the Peace Corps for the next two years. Haley Block, Parish class of 2012, is serving as a financial adviser to entrepreneurs who are trying to build their small businesses. She is immersed in the Ugandan culture and she shared her experiences with our students to help them gain insight into a what, at first, seemed to be a very different culture. The goal of this lesson was to expose our 4th graders to the reality that although we are very far away from the people that we  learned about, we are really not that different.

The curriculum used for this first lesson was developed by the Peace Corps and introduced to Parish by Shannon Longfield.


Haley Block is a true example of how Parish prepares students to be leaders in our complex global society.

Watch Haley here