People of Parish

Lower School Librarian Becky Maher was inspired to begin the People of Parish Project after following the Humans of New York blog. Our community is filled with people with intriguing stories. Take a look.

alli-pic   Alli’s “Gotcha Day”

There’s a lot happening in February.  My birthday is February 13. February 14 is Valentine’s Day.  February 3 is our 2nd grade Wax Museum, and it is also my “Gotcha Day.”

“Gotcha Day” is the day that I was adopted.  It’s the day we celebrate the uniting of the people who became our family. My mom, dad and I celebrate my “Gotcha Day” every year.  Sometime we go to rise.  It’s a soufflé place.  This year my dad and I will celebrate at the Father/Daughter Dance.  It is a very special day for our family!

summer-pic  Summer on Moving

I was born here in Dallas, but my family moved to England near Windsor when I was just two years old.  I was nervous when I found out we were moving back to Texas.  I knew I’d miss my friends. If you have a best friend, it’s hard to leave them.  I was in kindergarten.  My school in England was kind of different from Parish.  We learned cursive from the start and we had to dress for PE.  I struggled to get my tights on and off by myself.  We got two new dogs when we got here to make a home in Texas.

Moving to another country can be difficult, but now I LOVE it here.  I have made a lot of new friends.  I love visiting friends and family in England and I love when they come to visit me here.  If you find that you need to move, you should have a leaving party like I did.   You might have some scary times, but new friends are everywhere.

max   Max runs a mile

My name is Max.  My name means “the greatest.”  I have a diagnosis called “periventricular leukomalacia,” so my brain was rewired.  I have my own website –  My life story is there.

I have run a mile on the treadmill.  My treadmill is in the workout room at my house.  I got on and pushed the START button.  It started slow and got faster and faster.  I was thinking that I was ready for this.  After a while, I started to feel tired when I was running.  I wondered, “Am I done yet?”  My dad was videoing me.  I didn’t see the numbers on the treadmill, but my dad did.  I felt GREAT when I finished!  When I was a baby, my doctor said that I’d never walk.  What he said was futile because I proved him wrong.

liam-pic-1      Liam speaks Portuguese 

My mom and dad learned to speak Portuguese when they lived in Brazil.  They taught me how to speak Portuguese, too.  I was born in Texas.  I speak English and Portuguese at home.  We go to Brazil sometimes to visit my grandparents.  I speak to them in Portuguese.  It’s fun to know two languages.  I hope that I learn to speak Spanish, too!

 Hello                        Oi                       Hola